Sunday, 29 May 2011

Indo Garage Remixes: Cindy Bernadette & Homogenic

Two weeks ago I did some remixes from local artists in Indonesia. I tried to make them into more garage sounds, eventhough they still sound pop.

The first one is from Cindy Bernadette - Brand New Day. I speed it up from hip hop tempo to 140 BPM. Actually I cut and paste some parts and add new beats..

And the second is from Homogenic - Destiny. In this track I just speed the tempo up and add the new beats. It's simpler than the first one.. Actually I'm doing a remix for Is It Love track, but not finished yet.. Destiny is just a warming up remix :D

Cindy Bernadette - Brand New Day (Olisimus Remix) by olisimus

Homogenic - Destiny (Olisimus Rerub) by olisimus


Monday, 9 May 2011

Rangga Electroscope - Children of Heaven (Olisimus Remix)

An alternative version of Children of Heaven by Rangga Electroscope. I try to make it to Future Garage track. :)

Rangga Electroscope - Children of Heaven (Olisimus Remix) by olisimus