Friday, 16 October 2009

Recent Technic and Production

Hey now I want to experimenting with Ableton Live and Cubase. But still the main sequencer is by using FL Studio. Because FL Studio's audio output is not really good, so is Ableton Live, I will mixed the layer of instruments in the Cubase.

The idea is I'll render every instrument/channel by muting other instruments. For example I will render the drumline only, so I muter the others, and so on.. After all I will mix down the using Cubase, and maybe remixing it first before mixdown. Btw it's just my imagination. I don't know wether it's good or not, I still need your advice. But don't tell to use Logic Pro, 'cause I don't have a mac, But still I could use my friend's mac hehe...

For tracks update in the progress, I still have some unfinished works. But I will tell you the recent work is called Olisimus - Latenight Raider. This track has 140 BPM intro, and you better watch out. And about the title, firstly I entitled this as Buru Sergap, and translated it into English as Raider. And then I will feature this track to Latenight Ramadance group. So then I rename it to Latenight Raider, 'cause it also inspired by a raid in the end of Ramadan 2009, when the master of terrorist got killed in the bath room, after a long night raid.