Sunday, 15 June 2008

Love to Rain

It’s quite fun when I listen to Deadmau5 tracks. So I would like to do things similar to him – simple funny music. The track name came from train; yes I trained myself to do something about the track. And then rename to Love to Rain because at that time it always rains outside.

Love to Rain - Olisimus

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Olisimus presents Lymbers (Remixes)

Yeah my friend offered me to remix his track called Lymbers – Poisonous Night. It’s a good song and catchy as it is easy to remix. I just need less than two weeks finishing them. Two weeks are fast! Yes, I included a mashup called Lymbers vs. Lange – Poisonous Angel (Olisimus Mashup). This remix is quite breakbeat in trance, and might be called as trance step.

here is the playlist

Poisonous Angel (Olisimus Mashup) - Lymbers vs. Lange

Sunday, 25 May 2008

DJ Romy – Lafayette (Olisimus Remix) – My First Remix

DJ Romy as a label owner of 1945 Music Factory (1945MF) held a remix competition in Ramadan 2007 to fill the emptiness of the fasting month. And this remix came because of the new album issue in December 2007. For short, until now the winner is DJ R’Angel from Bandung which included in DJ Romy – Lafayette Remixes single which contains tracks: 1. DJ Romy – Lafayette (The Works Mix) and 2. DJ Romy – Lafayette (R’Angel Mix). Because it was my first remix and new experience for me, I didn’t win the contest, I was so plain…

preview here:

Playlist here

2 AM 2007 - My First Productions

I have a track called 2 AM 2007. Why is that? Yes I made it at 2 AM since 2005 and it has changes until finally I name it as 2 AM 2007, because it reworked in 2007 as a request of my friend - Heru Iqbal - who wanted to invite me in a compilation CD project, but it failed due to something. And from this my journey of music production began!

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