Thursday, 30 July 2015

DNB Mix vol. 4

DNB mix series volume 4 by Olisimus.
From Liquid Funk DNB to Autonomic. Enjoy it!

Uploaded to mixcloud 3 weeks ago.

Future Value 3

Future Garage / UK Garage mix series volume 3.
Enjoy it..

Uploaded to mixcloud 5 months ago.

Future Hope 2

Making this mix since September 2014 and continue to finish it in January 2015. This mix contains hip hop tracks and alike..

Uploaded to mixcloud 6 months ago.

New free single here:

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Atmo Glitch / Cold Water

Today I release my debut single available freely on bandcamp. The release date is my birthday. hehe.. please enjoy it. Different early version of Cold Water available on soundcloud Check out the Atmo Glitch video

Tracks from 2013 - 2014

Recent productions from end of 2013 to date. 1. Fadzcandrai & Olisimus - Copy of Cover 2. Olisimus - Grunge Glitched 3. Olisimus - New Style 4. Masthom - Ran and Coffee (Olisimus Remix)

Apprentice Mix 4

Dubstep series from Olisimus. It has been more than three years I'm working. I have to find the new one because I want to be better. This mix starts with mellow standard dubstep to minimal dubstep. New single is available..

Apprentice Mix 4 by Olisimus on Mixcloud

DNB Mix vol. 3

Straight to volume 3. Previous DNB mixes counted to volume 1 & 2 :D This mix contains liquid funk DNB tracks and some jungle tunes. Please enjoy it..

DNB Mix vol. 3 by Olisimus on Mixcloud